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Email Relationship Marketing (ERM) is not about purchasing massive databases, blasting countless emails, then hoping to receive a response. Such strategies have shown response rates as low as 0.3%, and this is nowhere close to being acceptable with us. If your business is interested in much higher response rates, then read on.

The email is a timeless form of communication but companies have yet to fully recognise how effective and profitable it can really be for their business

Email Relationship Marketing (ERM) however, takes a highly different approach, simply because we don’t wish to receive spam mail ourselves. ERM is conducted through structured, half-day workshops and provides easy-to-follow steps throughout. Our students have received response rates 133 times higher than the industry average, with some receiving warm replies even before the workshop is over! The point here is that ethical and respectful forms of email marketing can generate tremendous response rates, leading to repeat sales and constant referrals. High sales figures and maintaining professional relationships can go hand in hand.

The ERM education system is the brainchild of Dexcopy Pte Ltd, a company that specialises in generating content for marketing and building relationships. ERM was developed to help individuals and businesses understand the true benefits that the email provides, while utilising anti-spam marketing techniques. Please browse this site to see how your business can benefit from ERM, or read about our workshops here.

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