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7 Laws of Profitable Emails

This eBook shows how anybody can enhance their email marketing campaign without using spam.

The information is presented in a concise manner, and even provides practical tips for immediate application.

Follow these steps and you’ll never have to worry about spam complaints with your emails again.

Resource Pack Item #2

Over 25 Response-Generating Subject Lines

Easy access to a list of recommended subject lines for your emails

They have been tested and proven to help increase the likelihood of getting your emails opened and read

Subject lines have been categorised for even easier application!



 Resource Pack Item #3

Launchpad Email Template

Use this Copy-and-Paste template to kick start your Email Relationship Marketing campaign

Integrate the timeless content for even your oldest of contacts

This same template has generated responses for our students within the day of the workshop!



 Resource Pack Item #4

www.emailrelationshipmarketing.comTips to Increase Clicks

Additional tips on how to increase responses from your emails

Use the same knowledge as experts in the email marketing industry

Tips are highly practical and easily applicable to all email campaigns



 Resource Pack Item #5

www.EmailRelationshipMarketing.comSpam Fighting Tool Guide

Why? Because we don’t like spam as much as you!

A guide to easy-to-use tools that help you fight spam

Like what all entrepreneurs want, these tools are FREE to use



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A recap on what you will receive:

  1. The 7 Laws of Profitable Emails guide
  2. Over 25 Response-Generating Subject Lines
  3. A Copy-and-Paste Launchpad Email Template
  4. Extra Tips on Increasing Clicks for Your Emails
  5. Spam Fighting Tool Guide
  6. Regular updates, tips and tricks to effectively market your business!