The Founder

Nazir Tan Amir started with a career in marketing and soon after, discovered his interest for content generation. He started with a few freelance copywriting projects and when he began to receive repeat customers, Nazir quit his full-time marketing job and started a business in this industry. His company, Dexcopy Pte Ltd, helped individuals and businesses generate quality content for their presentations, brochures, advertisements, editorials, advertorials, websites, social media profiles, SEO and several other forms of marketing.

Not long after, Nazir chanced upon the world of email marketing. He looked back and realised that while the email was a timeless form of online communication, people (and businesses) were not getting the responses they wanted. There were misunderstandings of what email marketing really is, and how to effectively use it. In many events, people were simply spamming their contacts and not receiving the response they wanted.

Nazir saw the potential in this industry and he knew that that the email could become a highly profitable tool for marketing. He then started researching and experimenting on different approaches to marketing via email. After discovering an effective method, Nazir started offering his services to his customer. Once they started enjoying higher response rates, Nazir decided to share this highly effective (and ethical) method with even more people.

Hence the Email Relationship Marketing education system was born.


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